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By combining my two passions of baking and bartending, I get to do what I love – creating mixology inspired jams.  The same precision and calculation the finest mixologists use in their craft is applied to these jams.  I consider myself a Jam Scientist.

The BOLO line of Boozy Jams all contain liquor and have bold, bright flavors.  They are perfect for everyday morning toast, picnics, having tea and biscuits, with desserts, as part of a sandwich, a glaze on grilled meats, or paired with cheese and charcuterie.  I look to combine familiar fruits with sometimes exotic or unusual ingredients in hopes to delight and inspire the recipient and as a reminder to always eat something exciting and to keep your diet fun!

These jams are great as every day jams or for special occasions.

Each jam is hand made in small batches, so periodic variants are to be expected and anticipated.  Fruit changes seasonally and so do a few of the jams.  Mai Tai, Blue Dahlia and Mademoiselle are available year round.  The rest of the jams rotate based on season.  Moreover, our recipes use less sugar than most, so you don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying that second or third spoonful.

Jenny matriculated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA and El Centro Baking College in Dallas, TX.  She attributes her love and education of the bar craft to Charlie Palmer Restaurant and The Cedars Social Cocktail Den.  Her love of jam and patisserie stems from many childhood summers spent with her Grandmother and Grandfather in Chicago – gardening, cooking, baking and jamming.  Much of her inspiration stems from world travel, friends and exploration of the unknown.

 – Enjoy and Happy Eating –